FlyingCat Builder

The best tool to create your own interactive app book

FlyingCat Builder is the new MoglueBuilder, which 50,000+ creators have used to create their own app books. FlyingCat Builder is an incredibly easy and powerful tool for creating many types of interactive contents.
You can create children’s books, graphic novels, educational materials, manuals or whatever you can come up with using FlyingCat Builder. No programming required.


FlyingCat Viewer

View and save your content everywhere

FlyingCat Viewer makes it easy to preview and share work created with FlyingCat Viewer.
Use FlyingCat Viewer to preview on your iOS & Android devices.
You can also save your books as apps on your devices with FlyingCat Viewer.

App Publishing

Publish your app book today
Retain all rights and 100% royalties

You can convert FlyingCat files to iOS and Android apps on your computer without programming. You can publish your apps to both Apple and Android markets under your developer accounts and keep 100% of your earnings.


What people do using FlyingCat


A book app made by a 7 year old girl who drew
and recorded her voice to an old tale that her
parents told her


Classroom material about shapes
in use for elementary school students
in Argentina


Marketing new items in the shop
on a monitor connected through an app
on iPad in Hong Kong


Winner app of 2014 BolognaRagazzi
Digital Award


Book apps made for children
by the Walt Disney Pavilion
at Florida Hospital for Children


Imagine Create Share

FlyingCat Builder 1.0

The best tool to create your own interactive app book


Better Usability

Interfaces are upgraded with
several new features such as
layers, multi-document edit, etc.


Blow Trigger

You can trigger actions by
using sound


Parent & Child

You can set parent & child
relationship between objects
like group feature


Various Actions

You can perform various easing
properties for actions, as
well as ‘cancel sound’ and
action features


Spring Action

You can hold objects down
with an invisible coil spring


Save your book on Mobile

You can save your book on
your mobile device without

Why FlyingCat Builder?

Here are some reasons why FlyingCat Builder is the best option for you

No coding required

You don’t know how to code? Don’t worry!
MoglueBuilder doesn’t require any programming knowledge.

Easy to use drag and drop

Creating your own app book is as simple as dragging and dropping. Even 8 year old kids have created app books using FlyingCat Builder so don’t be afraid to try. Also, if you get stuck, we’re always here to help.

Great interactivity is possible

FlyingCat Builder is designed for you to add as many actions and animations as you want. Also you can set the property of each action and combine it with a state & trigger system allowing you to create numerous interactions between objects.

Real-time preview on both web and mobile

You can easily preview your work on web. Also, if you connect to the same wifi to both your computer and mobile devices, then you can preview your work on your mobile device with FlyingCat Builder.


Work once and publish everywhere! You don’t have to worry about creating a different app for each market. Create once with FlyingCat and publish both on Apple and Android Markets.

Verified solution

More than 30,000 creators from 140 different countries have downloaded FlyingCat Builder and many of them have published their apps. You can be the next creator using FlyingCat Builder.

How to create your own app book

The simplest way to create an app book


Import art and sound files, add interactivity


Preview your work on
FlyingCat Viewer, in real-time


That’s it! Now Share your book
with the world



  • OS X 10.7 Lion
  • OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  • OS X 10.10 Yosemite


  • Windows 7 (Recommended)
  • Windows 8

Windows 7 fully tested, stable, and supported
Mac OS X required for publishing iOS apps


FlyingCat Viewer

View and save your content everywhere


Preview as you work

Preview, Save and Share your content on iOS, Android


Set your computer and touch device
to the same wi-fi network


Click ‘Preview’ on Toolbar and follow instructions


Accept preview request on your touch device


FlyingCat Viewer on App stores


Publish Your App Book Without Coding

Distribute your app under your own account. Retain all rights and royalties.


FlyingCat App Publishing

Package your books into apps and share them on Apple and Android app stores


Publishing Process


Package your book with publishing


Test app on actual device


Upload app to different App stores

 Publish Requirements


  • Mac running OS X versions 10.9.4 or later
  • Apple Developer Account
  • Enrolled in iOS Developer Program
  • Xcode 6.0 or higher

Supported Versions

  • iOS 5.1.1 or higher

Supported Devices

  • All iPad model
  • iPhone 3GS and later
  • iPod touch (3rd generation) and later


  • Java SE Development Kit 7
  • Google Play Developer Account*
  • Amazon Appstore Developer Account*

Required for publishing to their respective marketplaces. Each has its own policies
and guidelines. We recommend reading each before publishing:
Google Play,
Amazon App Store.

Supported Versions

  • Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) or later

Supported Devices

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Series (7, 8.9, 10.1)
  • Google Nexus Series
  • Kindle Fire Series

(Almost every android devices – phone and tablet)

FlyingCat Manuals

You can download the following manuals for additional support for using FlyingCat and publishing your stories to the world. Please read the manuals carefully and enjoy Flyingcat.

FlyingCat Builder 1.0 Manual 

In this document, you can learn basic features of FlyingCat Builder and how to setup work environment.

iOS Publishing Manual

In this document, you can learn how to publish your book to Apple App Store.

Android Publishing Manual

In this document, you can learn how to publish your book to Google Play.

Expansion File Publishing Process

If your Android book app is over 50MB, you need take this additional step to publish your book.

About Us

Bookjam is an eBook cloud platform company
creating all digital contents into high quality eBooks
and distributing them through diverse channels


We are offering FlyingCat for free to all creators around the world, in hopes to support all artists and digital art world. We are creating a digital platform that allows anyone such as publishers, amateur authors, artists, teachers and children a way to create interactive eBooks and release them as apps for iOS and Android devices.

We are passionate about becoming the number one resource for people to go to when they have an idea or a story to share and want to do so interactively. We hope that you enjoy FlyingCat.